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Important Architecture in Rancho Mirage
Preservation Mirage’s mission, in part, is to identify important and historic architecture in Rancho Mirage.  Our objective is to help people understand the importance of architecturally diverse neighborhoods and think of architecture as more than just utilitarian.

So, what makes a property significant?

The intent of historic preservation is to encourage the preservation/improvement of properties that represent eras, events or people important in Rancho Mirage’s history.  Historic designation is generally reserved for properties that:
  • Embody the distinctive characteristics of a style, type, period or method of construction; or
  • Represent a notable work of a master designer, builder or architect whose individual genius influenced his or her age; or
  • Associated with the lives of historic people important to the community; or
  • Identified with important events or exemplifies significant contributions to broad cultural, economic or social history.
When determining historic significance, the questions most often ask are:
  • Is the site or structure an outstanding example of past architectural styles or craftsmanship?
  • Was the site or structure created by a “master” architect, builder or designer?
  • Did the architect, engineer or owner have historical associations that either influenced architecture in the community or had a role in the development or history of the community?
  • Has the building retained “integrity”?  Does it still convey its historic significance through the retention of its original design and materials?
  • Is the site or structure associated with important historic events or historic people that shaped the growth, development or evolution of the community?
  • Is the site or structure associated with important movements or trends that shaped the social and cultural history of the community?
Preservation Mirage has tasked itself with identifying properties that are important to the cultural identity of Rancho Mirage.  Our objective is to catalog the distinctive styles of major architects working in Rancho Mirage and show how they influenced other architects and builders.
Architects are important too

Many architects are responsible for the diversity of important structures in Rancho Mirage. Some are listed below. More information about many of them can be accessed by clicking on their name.
-  Christer Barlund
> Welton Becket
-  William Sutherland Beckett
> John Porter Clark
> William F. Cody
-  Charles DuBois
-  Richard Harrison
> A. Quincy Jones
> Hugh Kaptur

Rancho Mirage has adopted California's Mill Act incentives to encourage preservation of historic resources within the city.  Click HERE for more information.