Clancy Lane Neighborhood

In 1924, a couple of developers began buying hundreds of acres from the railroad with the intention of subdividing into 10-acre parcels geared to "gentlemen farmers".  Because of the Great Depression and other obstacles, the first home wasn't built until 1932 when L.M. and Helen Clancy built a simple adobe in what was then known as Rancho del Sol Estates.  Despite the depression, news of the secluded desert oasis spread through Hollywood like wildfire.  None of the original adobe houses built during this period in Rancho Mirage survive. 
Property address:  72113 Follansbee Road
Property name:  Follansbee House (Ranchito Chiquito)
Architect:  Unknown
Date built:  1934
Status:  HPC designated 06/01/2003 relocated to Whitewater Park

A rare remnant of Rancho Mirage that evokes the character of the community prior to the advent of country clubs and architectural modernism.  Probably the oldest remaining residence in Rancho Mirage.  An excellent example of the type of modest Mediterranean Revival-influenced ranch house built in the area.  Natural river rock is used for several walls and the exterior chimney.  Red tiles cover the roof.