2019 Modernism Week Tour of important homes at Tamarisk Country Club
February 22, 2019

2020 Modernism Week Tour of two Codys at Thunderbird Country Club
February 21, 2020



Preservation Mirage produced the first Modernism Week home tour at the historic Tamarisk Country Club.  The tour featured works of leading desert architects.  All of the stunning residences overlook country club fairways and were designed for discerning clients.  The tour provided an extraordinary insight into three decades of desert architecture and interior design with a compelling exploration of varying styles of modernism and post-modernism.  Individually, each house was worthy of its own tour; but combined, they provided a terrific introduction to the country club lifestyle that began in Rancho Mirage.

Preservation Mirage thanks the homeowners and volunteers who made our tours a success.  THANK YOU!!!

A rare opportunity to see William Cody’s transition from his early California ranch architecture to the mid-century style that made him a star.  Located in Rancho Mirage’s prestigious Thunderbird Country Club, these two houses tell the tale of Cody’s rise from young protégé of Cliff May to becoming an innovator of modern residential designs that blended indoor and outdoor living.  Separated by just 250 feet, the Hinkle and Jorgensen-Mavis residences are a study in contrasts:  Western Ranch versus Mid-Century Modern.  Both homes are in remarkable original condition.  The Hinkle house features a built-in piano, wet-bar and vibrantly tiled bathrooms.  Only the kitchen has been redesigned.  The Mavis family has meticulously cared for their home since the mid 1950s, including replicating upholstery fabrics from the period.


Preservation Mirage makes statement at Rancho Mirage city council meeting.  Read the statement and view community comments HERE.