Centered around the historic Tamarisk Country Club, the neighborhood includes many stunning residences overlooking fairways and mountains.  Many were designed by leading architects of the day for clients with deep pockets.  Opening in February 1952, Tamarisk Country Club was founded by a group of Hollywood entertainers, business executives and entrepreneurs as an "unrestricted" club.
Property address:  70551 Tamarisk Lane
Property name:  Maranz Residence
Architect:  Val Powelson
Date built:  1960
Status:  HPC designated 05/11/2004
One of the most iconic structures in the Coachella Valley with its hyperbolic paraboloid shaped roof.  The double curvature of the roof creates an exceptionally strong structure requiring few internal supports.  The result is a vast living area with uninterupted views.
Property address:  70-900 Fairway Drive
Property name:  Maslon House
Architect:  Richard Neutra
Date built:  1962
Status:  Demolished 2002
Neutra was one of the founders of the modern movement in the United States and this house was widely acclaimed as one of the crowning achievements of his later career. Built on a large lot within Tamarisk Country Club with mountain and country club views, it was the city's finest modernist residence.

Property address:  37-380 Marx Road
Property name:  Hurd Residence
Architect:  C.H. Barlund
Date built:  1967
Status:  HPC designated 10/21/2010
Architecturally noteworthy as an example of modern architecture adapted to the desert.  Modern features such as a flat roof, deep overhangs, square support posts and floor to ceiling glass create an indoor-outdoor environment conducive to desert living.  The magnificent pool stretches out beyond the home's perimeter so one end is surrounded by landscaping with views of the mountains and golf course.